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Instruction Manuals

Replacement Instruction Manuals are available for most model of sand test equipment. To obtain a manual please call us with the Model and Serial number(if applicable) for pricing and availability.

Instructional Videos

Introduction to Green Properties (approx 34 min)

This video covers the basic daily test including moisture, compactability, specimen weight, green strength, green deformation, and dry strength. In addition the new tests (friability, cone jolt toughness and wet tensile strength) are also covered. Call for pricing & availability.

Structural Properties (approx 50 min)

This video covers the basic weekly tests including AFS Grain Fineness, Loss on Ignition, Volatiles, and calculation of adjusted clay. Sample reduction using a sample splitter is also covered. Call for pricing & availability.

Methylene Blue (approx 12 min)

This video covers determination of Methylene Blue Clay content of molding sand. It also covers "MB factor determination" using the equivalent Materials test procedure. Call for pricing & availability.

Use of Dietert No. 885 / No. 885-B Calibration Kits (approx 1 hr, 20 min)

This video provides step by step instructions for use of the Dietert No. 885 and No. 885-B Calibration Kits. With these kits, the Sand Rammer, Permmeter, Strength Machines (Pendulum type and beam type), Shear Strength Accessory and Spring Type compression Instruments can be calibrated. Call for pricing & availability.

Ammoniacal Nitrogen (approx 9 min)

This video provides instruction on detremination of ammoniacal nitrogen in molding sand using the Dietert No. 3550 Ammoniacal Nitrogen Determinator. Call for pricing & availability.