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NO. 338-B Electric Permmeter
The Electric Permmeter is a compact unit recommended for production control laboratories. It employs the orifice method and the pressure drop is shown on a very sensitive 5 in. (127 mm) diameter gauge, graduated directly in AFS permeability units. The gauge is provided with 3 color-coded scales, one for the perm values greater than 50 (large orifice), one for perm values less than 50 (small orifice) and a third for the pressure.

The unit uses no water or mercury. A simple lever arrangement is used to expand an O-ring to form an airtight seal within the specimen tube. The required pressure (10 cm of water) is maintained by a high speed fan. A floating pressure release device maintains air pressure constant despite variations in line voltage.

Permeability standards (orifice type) are included for both the low and the high range permeability. The unit is provided with a carrying handle. Light weight and freedom from water or mercury makes it convenient for shop use.

No. 341-A Mold Permeability Tester is required for production mold perm testing.



Height:....................11 in. (379 mm)

Base:......................10 x 14 in. (254 x 356 mm)

Net weight:............22 lb. (10 kg)


Model 1...115V, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase

Model 2...Model 1 with transformer for 230V, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase

Accessories for No. 338-B Electric Permmeter:

No. 341-A Mold Permeability Tester